Level 1 Dark

This spell can target Enemies, yourself, as well as doors and chests. When targeting a creature or yourself, the spell will paralyze the target for around 15-30 seconds (In combat it will last anywhere from 1-5 swings with a Staff, see Strategy Section below). When targeting a door or chest, the target will be locked.

Spell FormsEdit


  • An unburdened Sorcerer armed with a staff can get in about 3-4 attacks before an opponent 'unfreezes' and only one point invested in dark magic. A higher skill level in dark magic might lengthen this time (testing needed to verify this).
  • Additonal Testing: Sorceress with 2 points in dark magic, im getting 2-6 attacks with a staff before they unfreeze, and burdern level doesnt seem to matter, but im usually at level 1 overburdern.
  • This is a handy spell for dealing with water nymphs and other thief NPCs since it keeps them from running off and leaving your character naked and broke. It also seems to keep them from teleporting away, but additional testing is needed to verify this.

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