Wicker man
Wicker Man
Level 6
STR 13
DEX 10
CON 11
INT 15
WIS 15
CHA 11
Armour 13
Resistances poison, ice
Weaknesses fire, sickles
Equipment  ?
Loot  ?
Kill XP 169

Early game enemy also created from a technique known as polypiling by dropping 3 small wooden shields and shooting them with a Blessed Wand of Polymorph. When created by polypiling they are tame and you get experience from their kills they are quite useful companions as they are craftable and do not need to eat. The amount of Wickermen you can create depends on how high your level is in the talent "Beast Mastery". The wickermen may pickup items that were zapped at the moment of its construction.


Make sure your constructs avoid fire and sickle armed enemies.

Conversely, if you are fighting a wicker man, a flaming sword or sickle, or the fireball spell or fire stone will make quick work of these enemies.