The White Witch starts with a robe, a blessed staff, a blessed spellbook of lightning and 3 scrolls of light. Read the book.

The White Witch is a magic based class that predominantly uses Light & Life spells. If one ignores the magic specs, the White Witch is identical to the Sorceress. White Witches are the female counterpart to Wizards.

Stats Edit

Possible Alignments:

  • Lawful Good
  • Chaotic Good
  • Lawful Evil

Available Talents:

Starting Skills:

  • Life magic: 1 Point
  • Light magic: 1 Point

Starting Pet: Tabby Kitten

Strategy Edit

The White Witch is a nice choice because it is the only caster to begin the game with an offensive spell.  I have gone through many playthroughs where I haven't found any others for a long time, so this can be a great benefit.

I would suggest starting out stats with both intelligence and wisdom at 18, while maxing out strength (8) and constitution (10).  They both increase your carrying capacity, which can be difficult to manage for magic users.

The first thing that should be done once the game begins is to read the spellbook of lightning to learn the spell.  This is your main (sometimes only) offensive ability for a good portion of the game.  If you get interrupted, either let your kitten take care of the enemy while you keep reading, or try to beat it down with your staff and then finish.  Once learned, you should cast lightning when you have mana while resting between battles. You should also store the lightning spell on your staff, the staff will charge over time and allow you to cast the stored spell. Storing the spell uses some mana.

Please note that once you raise your Light Magic skill for the first time, your lightning casts will begin to chain to the next closest target after hitting the initial target.  This is often your kitten/cat, so try to cast from far away, or try to target the farthest target of a group if possible.

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