There are two types of Whistles, normal (tin) which plays a shrill sound and a magic whistle which can summon your pets when they are near. If your pet is out of range or dead, the whistle will play a sorrowful tune.

The Whistle is incredibly important when playing as certain classes as blowing the magic whistle causes your pet to momentarily teleport removing them from the line of fire keeping them from getting damaged or killed. This is quite handy as a witch or a huntsman when a pet is often in the line of fire.


  • The range of the magic whistle is ten floors by exact distance. This can be observed when multiple pets are left spread out on the last level of the Gnome Mines: Walking left and right, they can be recalled one by one.
  • It is reported that on occasion a normal whistle can sometimes be enchanted into a magic whistle by pouring a blessed clear potion on it, (holy water).  
  • Magic Whistle blowing can be quite handy when in the gnomish mines in order to force your pet(s) to clear the lift cage.
  • A tin whistle can be used to force open locks on doors and chests.

Obtaining a Magic Whistle by wishingEdit

A magic whistle may be obtained by wishing at a fountain.

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