Level 5
STR 18
DEX 15
CON 17
INT 12
Armour 13
Resistances  ?
Weaknesses  ?
Equipment none
Loot piece of werewolf meat
Kill XP 141
Depth 1400

A werewolf is a mob later found in the game. It will sometimes someone summon wolves

If you are struck by a werewolf, you may see a message stating "you feel feverish."  This indicates you have lycanthropy, and will shift into a werewolf soon.  Eating werewolf meat seems to always result in lycanthropy.

If you contract lycanthropy, reading a blessed Scroll of Remove Curse or visiting a Priest will cure you once you see the message you feel purified. If you are killed as a werewolf, you will revert to human form, but will shift again to werewolf after a period of time.  Eventually, you will gain an immunity and stop shifting, if you do not have the curse removed. 


  • Players that are transformed into a werewolf can still interact with doors.
  • Werewolves cannot climb ladders, so if you need to escape one, try climbing a ladder and hitting it with a ranged weapon as it runs away.
  • Playing as a werewolf has benefits.  As noted above, you can be killed as a werewolf, then come back to life.  Also, you have the ability to "howl" and summon pet wolves.  One strategy is to become a werewolf, summon as many wolf pets as you can, and they will stay your pets even after you revert to human,
  • Feeding werewolf meat to a pet will turn the pet permanently into a werewolf after a short period of time.  Pets that have been turned into werewolves can summon additional pet wolves which will be loyal to you. The new pet wolves can be fed werewolf meat to change them into werewolves and increasing the likelihood of more pet wolves to be summoned.
  • As a druidess/druid with lvl 2 animal forms you can turn into a werewolf and go back on command

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