• Level 1 - You can sense the better weapon when dual wielding.
  • Level 2 - You can identify the quality of a weapon by using it.
  • Level 3 - You can appraise weapons like a dwarvish smith.



The first level of this talent can be useful in the early game even for characters that are not dual wielding in combat. Although somewhat tedious in practice, it is possible to determine the best weapon under one's possession through a series of pairwise comparisons.

The second and third tier of this ability is excellent for any melee class. Choosing the first three levels of this talent before any others will allow the player to know the enchantment of every weapon found for the entire game for free with little or no backtracking. This allows the character to spend more time fighting with the strongest weapon available and less time managing inventory and arranging identification of weapons. This will, in turn, make the player aware of which weapons are worth hanging on to for hauling to the blacksmith to sell, and which are simply dead weight.

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