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Welcome to Wazhack!




WazHack is a procedurally-generated dungeon game available on a variety of devices including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. This is not a twitcher - you can spend all the time you need contemplating what to do in any situation - and with over 250 different types of items to be found, there is no shortage of solutions to problems. With over 100 different types of monsters, there is no shortage of problems either. But this is no puzzler - you will have to fight your adrenaline and use your sword or staff as much as your inventory. It's not a game of plodding to the end and winning (though it is winnable), it's about your experience during the journey... and learning lessons that will help your next valiant attempt!


Getting Started

Welcome to the Wazhack Wiki! To explore the Wiki's content, jump to a major topic by using the Navigation panel to the right, or use our Primary Topics page to browse by category.  You can also use the Search Bar in the upper right to find a particular topic or page.  Wazhack is a game about exploration and discovery, and there is much information that still needs to be added. You can get started by filling in the blanks on a page that is missing some info by clicking here, or start a new page we haven't gotten to yet, it's up to you.  Please check out the Editor's Guide for general guidelines to remember when editing a page.

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