Water nymph
Level  ?
STR 14
DEX 16
CON 13
Armour 7
Resistances  ?
Weaknesses  ?
Traits  ?
Equipment blue outfit (small)
Loot bit of water nymph innards
Kill XP  ?
Depth 300

Water nymphs are female humanoids dressed in a blue outfit. They have the ability to steal your equipped gear and can even pilfer weapons out of your hand. This ability is only used when they attack bare handed however. You can prevent a water nymph from stealing by giving it a weapon. A simple club will serve this purpose as long as you can drop it in the water nymph's path.


  • Water nymphs have a chance to be summoned when you interact with fountains. If you dipped coins into a fountain, and a water nymph was summoned, it will have ALL your coins.
  • Water nymphs steal from you targeting your equipped items, and then run away.
  • Water nymphs have a timer, counting down to the moment they teleport. The starting value for this timer is unknown. The amount of time remaining can be discovered through the use of a Wand of Probing.
  • Inflicting Paralyze on a water nymph will halt it's teleport countdown.
  • Having Beast Mastery can make Nymp mesmerized and eventually tame. They wear small sized armor, are quite weak and randomly teleport away, but they cannot die due to hunger and they can be trained to a high level. 


  • If you are in no immediate danger, unequip valuable gear before dabbling with a fountain.
  • If a fountain is near a dead end, position yourself so that a water nymph running away from you will run there and get cornered. It will equip the stolen equipment and defend itself. 
  • Potions of Paralysis are a great way to stop a water nymph from escaping with your items.
  • Water Nymphs are also able to steal cursed items, making them very useful in the early game if you need to get rid of a ring of Levitation , an Amulet of Strangulation or Restful Sleep.
  • Water Nymphs are relatively easy to beat with preparation, and are worth a lot of exp for early level up.
  • Having Beast Mastery maxed out, eliminates any danger from Water Nymphs.

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