A wand of wishing is an exceptionally rare wand which grants the user a wish when zapped.  Due to the great value of wishes, wishing wands come normally with only a single charge (sometimes up to 5), though a scroll of charging can be used once to add an additional two charges (subsequent chargings will cause the wand to explode).  It is a good idea for your first wish to be 3 blessed scrolls of charging (unless you have one already).

Wishing for another wand of wishing does not work. you are given 1 wand of wishing with no charges that will explode if you try to charge it with a scroll of charging

A Wand of Wishing's base price is 100 + 20(number of charges).

Methods of how to find one:

  1. The dragon guarding The Amulet of Zaw, always has one
  2. Find one at shop or lying around in the dungeon.
  3. Wish for one via a blessed magic lamp, a well or with a wand of wishing

Note* Wands of Wishing can also reveal themselves by having their number of charges listed before they are even identified. If the range of charges is between 1 and 5, (1 to 5), the wand is most likely a Wand of Wishing.