A wand of wishing is an exceptionally rare wand which grants the user a wish when zapped.  Due to the great value of wishes, wishing wands come normally with only a single charge (sometimes up to 5), though a scroll of charging can be used once to add an additional two charges (subsequent chargings will cause the wand to explode). It is a good idea for your first wish to be 3 blessed scrolls of charging (unless you have one already).

Wishing for more wands of wishing does not work. You are given wands of wishing with no charges that will explode if you try to charge it.

A Wand of Wishing's base price is 100 + 20(number of charges).

Methods of finding one:

  1. The dragon guarding The Amulet of Zaw, always has one
  2. Find one at shop or lying around in the dungeon.

Note: Wands of Wishing can also reveal themselves by having the number of charges listed before they are identified. If the number of charges ranges between 1 and 5, the wand is most likely a Wand of Wishing.