A wand of cancellation has a variety of uses and can be very valuable. It improves the death spell skill when used. When zapped by a wand of cancellation:

  • Potions will become potions of water
  • Scrolls become blank scrolls
  • Wands will lose a single charge
  • Elementals and Vortices will lose their magical essence and be destroyed, Aquators and Disenchanters will be unable to rust your gear or destroy its enchantments.
  • Negative or positive charges are removed from enchanted items. This consumes a charge from the wand for each positive or negative removed from the item.
  • The blessed/uncursed/cursed attribute of an item sometimes will be changed when zapped. This is useful when one of your minions decides to wield a cursed item and you need to take it away from him or her.
  • If you or your pet has been zapped recently with a wand of cancellation, polymorph traps will not work on you. The effect wears off quite quickly. Instead you get the message X seems impotent. (Does this also apply if you die while polymorphed into another creature? Will you still revert to human form, or is it game over?)


  • The effect of placing a wand of cancellation in a bag of holding is not documented and could be disastrous.
  • Multiple items can be targeted with a single zap of a wand of cancellation. A good way to zap many items at once is to drop them near the top of a ladder, then climb down until your arm is just above the floor, and then zap across a horizontal shot that is parallel to the ground.  
  • Zapping a stack of blessed potions is an easy way to create potions of holy water. You can also use it to create blanks scrolls out of ones that have text printed on them.
  • Wands of cancellation can be very effective against some creatures such as the energy vortex.
  • Zapping a Disenchanter or Aquator with a wand of cancellation will cause their attacks to become impotent, and they will no longer be able to affect the status of your items.
  • Wands of cancellation cannot be blessed or cursed. If still unidentified, this fact can help one guess their identity if you know the b/u/c of all your wands (from Dweomery or by visiting a Priest for example).

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