The valkyrie is a fighter. She starts with ruined armour except for her +3 small shield. She has both an axe and a morning star… and the skills to use them.

Stats Edit

Possible Alignments:

  • Chaotic Good
  • Neutral
  • Lawful Good

Available talents:

Starting skills:

  • Axes: 1 point
  • Clubs: 1 point

Starting pets: dalmation puppy

Strategy Edit

The valkyire is a flexible melee class. At the beginning you can choose between two weapons in which you have some skill, or you can have a weapon on one hand and a shield in the other.

Her minimum/maximum stats differ a bit from the knight, having a higher maximum in all but STR, WIS, and CHA. Ideally, you can out damage the knight with a higher starting DEX and dual wielding. She has considerably lower armor than the knight if you do choose to dual wield, but with the +3 small shield, their armor is equal to 6.

The valkyrie has the potential to learn spells more easily than the knight, but the knight will have a slightly easier time remembering the spells with a higher maximum WIS.

A good start is 17, 16, 15, 10, 8, 9 for starting stats (change the starting stats yourself by clicking on them in the hero select screen). Maxing out STR, DEX, CON, and INT. This is so she can strike hard and accurately, while having good starting life and the INT to read spellbooks and learn spells.

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