Forged by the legendary Muramasa Sengo. May inspire a bloodlust!


An almost-naked lady wielding the mighty Muramasa.

The mighty Tsurugi of Muramasa is 580% better than a typical dagger, despite its slower speed. It is much heaver than a dagger. It will take quite some skill with swords, in order to use it well. Take care, this is a one-of-a-kind!

When a player is afflicted by bloodlust, they will attack any creature that they interact with, similair to someone that has been affected by a scroll of conflict or a cursed scroll of taming.

WARNING: if you try to interact with a vendor, while afflicted with bloodlust, you may strike him or her, causing the vendor to become hostile towards you.

How to findEdit

-Try equipping any broadsword found in the dungeon,though it's recommended having scrolls of remove curse or non-magical oil lamps as they tend to be cursed.

-The easiest and least risky method is to identify the broadswords found.

-Pick up and wield (or identify) weapons dropped by enemies who did large amounts of damage.You will have a chance to find a legendary weapon or a highly enchanted weapon. Also, if an enemy has red lines around its head, it is afflicted with bloodlust, which means it is carrying the cursed Tsurugi or Katana of Muramasa


- You will only be affected by bloodlust when the weapon is cursed.

- Requires level 2 proficiency with swords to use correctly.

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