This talent can be get only for rogue class (only male).

1 lvl - all traps are revealed to you.

2 lvl - you can craft traps from 3 daggers of the same type.

3 lvl - you can craft traps from any weapons of the same type.

Notice: can be triggered only when enemy step near trap.

Trap damage different, depend on weapons (include +\- enchantment and negative status), which used for craft. Also 1 time i craft trap with cursed wielding weapon (need test)

- Crude daggers - 1 damage without potion

- dagger - 6 dwp

- Dual-Handed axe - 36 dwp

- Mace - 21 dwp

- wooden club - 21 dwp

- crude short sword - 15 dwp

- short sword - 18 dwp

Note: Each +\- enchantment gain only 1 dmg)

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