Level 1
STR 9—11
DEX 15—18
CON 6—10
INT 16—18
WIS 5—8
CHA 11—17
Armour  ?
Resistances  ?
Equipment Dagger +1
Blessed Spellbook of Sleep

The Thief is available in Wazhack v1.2

The Thief starts with high stealth and a spellbook of sleep. Her monkey is good at stealing, while she (Thief) needs practice.

The monkey is very different than a cat or dog, they can't tell if an items cursed but they can wear rings (even cursed ones). They are very weak and can't kill much more than a lichen right away or carry much weight

As of 1.3, the Wizard, Rogue, and Thief may intentionally lower their Intelligence for temporary buffs. The three buffs are melee (raises hit and damage), medical (raises max health and heals you), and mana (raises max mana and regains mana). Choosing any of these options when you don't need it cause the opposite effect while still permanantly lowering your intelligence.

Alignment also affects how much you can and will lower your intelligence. Lawful characters will only lose 1 intelligence at a time, but won't be able to continue losing intelligence below 16. Neutral characters lose 2 intelligence at a time, and won't be able to continue losing intelligence below 9. Chaotic characters lose 5 intelligence at a time, and won't be able to continue losing intelligence below 5. Chaotic characters also have a chance of gaining 1 intelligence instead if they are below 18 intelligence, or have their intelligence not change at 18 while still gaining the buffs.


Available Talents:

Starting Skills:

  • Knives: 1 point

Starting Pet: Spider Monkey

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