Gnomish digger with telepathy

This gnomish digger exhibits resistance to cold, fire, poison and sleep.

Telepathy is a status effect caused primarily by equipping an item such as an Amulet of ESP. It creates circular icons over the heads of creatures, which indicate:


  • Green = friendly. For example, your starting pet.
  • Blue = neutral. For example NPCs.
  • Red = hostile. Enemies.
  • white = asleep
  • purple = shopkeeper

Telepathy also gives information on health (size of circle) and resistances; e.g., the snowflake icon in the picture to the right indicates the creature has cold resistance.

Telepathy can be gained the following ways:

  • Equipping an Amulet of ESP
  • Drinking a Potion of Monster Detection
  • Eating the goo of a floating Eye has a chance to grant ESP (unconfirmed, appears to be weaker than an amulet or helmet as the range from which you can sense monsters is smaller)
  • Eating mindflayer innards has a chance to grant ESP
  • Equipping a helmet with the effect (such as a Helm of Telepathy)

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