Teleport strategy Edit

If you have either a wand, ring, or scroll of teleport, or there happens to be a teleport trap near a store, you can do any of the following:

  • Teleport yourself using any. Pick up everything and teleport. The downside to this is, your pet will be left behind, or, if you manage to point the wand at both of you, go to a different location, possibly subject to the immediate wrath of the shop owner.
  • Teleport items using wand. This is the same as taking them, so you still need to get away. But if the items are very heavy, such as from an armory, it might be easier than carrying them.
  • Teleport shop owner using wand. Not sure if this is possible with armorer, clothier, or gem broker, shopkeeps in cages, unless they are first drawn out by an attack (which often leaves their goods unavailable). But it can work with regular shopkeep, baker, or priest. If you only have one charge, though, you better hope they teleport above you, not below.


  • This strategy is easier when teleporting yourself if you have a ring of teleport control.
  • If you plan a risky strategy, scout the next few levels, make your pet stay, and go back up to rob.
  • Shopkeeps have a decent magic resistance, so may resist a wand.
  • It may help, or hinder, your chances to aim a wand through yourself with the shopkeep behind, also along the beam path. He could be thrown upward while you go downward, or vice versa.
  • Shopkeeps seem to detect you like pets. If you teleport down, then climb back up, you can often still clear the dungeon upward toward their level, so long as you pay attention to ladder locations. They will be drawn to you if they are close to a ladder you pass under.
  • If you don't have any teleport items and are feeling lucky, you can just grab everything in your arms and read all the shopkeeps own unidentified scrolls. Teleport scrolls are not that rare, so you might turn a bad run into a good one with one move.

As with all things Wazhack, there are many ways to vary this strategy, such as eating Water Nymph or Daitengu bits, etc... Maybe you feel brave enough to fight the shopkeep, but don't want to risk items or your pet getting damaged, then load your pet and teleport it. Add your own variations.