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Spells can be cast directly (after learning them from spellbooks), cast one time by reading from a scroll, or fired from a wand as many times as there are charges on the wand. Some of these spells are also invoked by drinking or throwing various potions, or from stepping on traps that are hidden throughout the dungeon.

Casting a spell requires mana, and the effectiveness or power of the spell is affected by your stats and your skill level in the relevant spell skill. There are 4 different spell skills, Light, Dark, Death, and Life. It is possible to cast a higher level spell if you do not have a high rank in the corresponding spell skill, but your chance of success is reduced. Your chance of success is dependent on difference between the rank of the spell and your skill rank in the appropriate spell skill. Every time you succeed in casting a spell, your skill in the corresponding spell skill will increase.

Casting a spell from a wand or a scroll requires no mana, and can be cast regardless of your stats or skills. Scrolls are destroyed after they are read, and wands are limited by the number of charges they contain. A wand is not destroyed when its charges reach zero, and can be recharged by a Scroll of Charging or zapping it with lightning. Casting spells from wands and scrolls will raise your skill in the corresponding spell skill.

Descriptions Edit

These descriptions come from using Inventory → Knowledge on spellbooks.

Skill Level Name Description
Light 1 Levitation Allows the caster to float.
Light 1 Light Lights up dark rooms.
Light 2 Clean Wounds Provides a small healing effect to the target. (Can be used to revive fallen pets.)
Light 2 Lightning A powerful spell that unleashes a bolt of chain lightning that is unfortunately, very difficult to control.
Light 2 Magic Mapping A typical wizard solution to the problems of cartography, this spell reveals the layout of the current 3 floors.
Light 2 Remove Curse Removes the cursed attribute from a cursed item.
Light 3 Protection Grants the caster additional physical protection for 10 to 50 seconds.
Light 4 Identify

Identifies an item, showing you it's C/U/B attribute, its enchantment and the name of the item.

Dark 0 Darkness A simple spell for use in light rooms.
Dark 1 Teleport Away Teleports the target away.
Dark 1 Wizard Lock Locks doors permanently, stuns enemies briefly.
Dark 2 Force Bolt Busts doors open
Dark 2 Sleep Puts the target to sleep.
Dark 3 Cone of Cold

A powerful spell that freezes and damages the targets.

Dark 4 Polymorph Polymorphs the target into another creature.
Life 0 Create Monster Summons monsters. (Number and type of monsters depend on your level.)
Life 1 Cure Sickness Cures sickness.
Life 1 Haste Self Grants a boost of speed to the caster.
Life 1 Jumping Allows you to jump while encumbered.
Life 2 Magic Missile The basic wizarding attack spell. A beam of purple light.
Life 2 Restore Ability Restores lost ability points. (Ex: Intelligence lost to a Mindflayer.)
Life 3 Healing Heals the target. Can also be used to resurrect pets and enemies.
Death 1 Absorb Curse Absorbs the curse from an item, injuring the caster in the process.
Death 1 Knock The wizard's solution to losing his keys: opens doors and locks, also knocks back enemies.
Death 2 Drain Life Transfers health from the target to the caster.
Death 2 Raise the Dead Summons undead warriors to aid the caster. (Note: As with any summoned monsters, they will eventually turn on you!)
Death 2 Sickness Gives the target a damaging sickness.
Death 3 Finger of Death Short ranged but lethal spell that is sure to OHKO most monsters.
Death 4 Fireball A powerful attack spell that is best used from a distance.

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