Example variety of spellbooks

  • A spellbook appears as a giant book that can be 'Read' to memorize the spell in its title. The speed and success rate of learning a spell by reading a spellbook depends on the character's Intelligence and/or Wisdom stats as well as the level of the spell. The Literacy talent allows a spell to be learned 100% success rate, regardless of stats.

Below is an (incomplete) overview of all spellbooks available, what skill is required, and how difficult they are to successfully read, based on spell level 0-4, 4 being the hardest.


Character alignment can influence the drop rate of spellbooks as follows:

  • Lawful Good: More light than dark
  • Chaotic Good: More life than death
  • Neutral: Unbiased
  • Lawful Evil: More dark than light
  • Chaotic Evil: More death than life


Level Light Spells Dark Spells Life Spells Death Spells
0 Darkness Create Monster
Psi Bolt
1 Levitation
Teleport Away
Wizard Lock
Cure Sickness
Haste Self
Absorb Curse
2 Clean Wounds
Magic Mapping
Remove Curse
Force Bolt
Magic Missile
Restore Ability
Drain Life
Raise the Dead
3 Protection Cone of Cold Healing Finger of Death
4 Identify Polymorph Fireball

Spellbooks zapped with a Wand of Cancellation turn into a Plain Book and cannot be used for anything else.