A speed run is beating the game as fast as possible. The current best speed run is 13 minutes.

Teleport and Teleport ControlEdit

The key to a successful speed run is to find a ring of teleport control and one portal stone, (which is to be dropped as soon as you find it) as fast as possible. You will also need a method of teleporting.


The easiest method is to find a spellbook of teleport away in addition to the above items.

Another method can be used if you find teleport control without the spellbook of teleport away, but have a few wands of teleport and spellbooks or wands of lightning. Re-charge your wands of teleport with lightning when they run out.

Once you find teleport control and teleport, search every area, but teleport the whole 100ft each time. Breaking this pattern only for shops, lutes, pipes, lamps, and rings. 

Stop and ShopEdit

When you find a shop, teleport to the exact center. Make sure you have enough mana to teleport out. Sell 500 coin worth of any items. Click the pick up button. Pick up everything including the chest with your sold items. Cast teleport away as far away as you can. You should stay at least a 100ft away, as they will remain unfriendly, but this should not be a problem, as you will be jumping in a portal stone to return to the top of the dungeon.

Beat the DragonEdit

After beating the dragon, if you have not yet recieved the portal stone to get back to the top of the dungeon, use the wand of wishing to wish for one.

Multiplayer Speed RunEdit


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