The Sorceress starts with a robe, a +1 staff, a +1 dagger, and 2 scrolls of create monster. Her weapons are cursed, but she has a spellbook of absorb curse.

She is the female equivalent to the sorcerer. Their min/max stats are the same.

Sorcerers and ssorceresses worship the darkness.

Stats Edit

Possible Alignments: 

  • Chaotic Evil
  • Lawful Evil
  • Neutral

Available Talents:

Starting Skills:

  • Death Magic: 1 Point
  • Dark Magic: 1 Point

Starting Pets: Black Kitten

Strategy Edit

Read your spellbook of absorb curse on the opening ladder. Then  cast absorb curse for your cursed dagger and cursed staff. Then rest until you aren't poisoned and at 75% health.

Next, equip your dagger and hit and run creatures with your cat. If you slug right into creatures, your cat hangs back and attacks when you think he needs it. Be the cat.

Cast absorb curse on anything you pick up, as once you have enough hit points that absorbing curses doesn't take you into the negative, it will stop making you sick. But, be selective on what you pick up, only picking things up you will need.

Pick an attack skill to get, either clubs, axes, swords, backswords, or polearms in order of difficulty to advance. polearms will help you the most later, as you may be carrying around two fully charged staves in the endgame. Be careful using the starting staff though, as it does at most 1d1 damage.

Once you get a bag, you can store cursed items in it without fear they be absorbed. This is also good for having just enough cursed items to absorb to knock down your health to take advantage of the fury talent. As absorbing too many curses will result in monsters killing you after one hit. This can be combined in the later game with an amulet of strangulation. This is an advanced tactic and should be used with caution, as it involves you walking around at low hitpoints. 

Once you get a spell, even if it is jumping, even if you can only cast it at 5%, even if it does nothing, cast it a couple less than as many times as you can. Whenever you notice you are at full mana, repeat this process. Until you have leveled up the spell so that it at least has one level and you can cast the spell at 100%.

Zap-identify wands at monsters as soon as you pick them up, and at least equip them first to see if they are wands of cancellation, so you can zap potions for holy water. Once you get an offensive wand or spell, you will quickly gain levels.

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