The Sorcerer starts with a +2 robe and various potions. He has both a staff and a dagger. His skills are with dark magic but he can handle a staff in a fight.

He is the dark version of the wizard, with starting bonuses to Dark & Death magics instead of Light & Life.  His available talents are quite different than the wizard, being aimed more at balancing magic and weapons.  A sorcerer is the male counterpart of the sorceress.

sorcerers and sorceresses worship the darkness.

Stats Edit

Possible Alignments:

  • Chaotic Good
  • Chaotic Evil
  • Lawful Evil

Available Talents:

Starting Skills

  • Polearms: 1 Point
  • Dark Magic: 1 Point

Starting Pets: Black Kitten

Strategy Edit

The sorcerer starts with no spells or wands. But the sorcerer starts with 10 random potions. These potions are identified, and can be used without fear, and at the correct time. They are also immediate quick cash at a shopkeeper. This converts to very early wands, rings and amulets.

It may take some time to find an offensive spell. You should keep your cat alive so you can use her to fetch items you want to use yourself. You should quickly either find an uncursed offensive spellbook, a bow, or a wand. Keep in mind that Knock and Wizard Lock are both beautiful offensive spells, and should be used extensively. Either of those spells and a bow is extremely deadly.

The high INT and WIS make you remember spells longer, but you can always keep a spell alive in a staff! And the low CHA is offset by taking three levels of Commerce early in the game. Gastronomy is good to keep your pet alive, you should always feed it before yourself until you get some management of curses. Weapon Precision is good if you find a bow, because one level you crit on a 19 and 20, two levels a 18, 19, and 20. Three levels and they don't even make you roll the dice anymore. Wizardry is nice, but much less effective once you find a source of magic regeneration. Magic Precision is good too. Battle Magery isn't very useful with studded leather armor, crystal plate mail, ornate robes or dragon scale mail

Since the sorcerers potions are randomly generated, you can quit and create games until you get at least one potion of gain level, and rarely, two potions.

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