The skeleton key is a tool which allows the user to lock and unlock doors and chests at will. It will never wear out like the Lockpick. The key will work on almost all locks, except the door to the Gnomish King's Wine Cellar (which requires a Gold Key).

The skeleton key is an integral part of any adventurer's toolkit; without one, players must r

SKeleton Keys

A lot of skeleton keys found during a single raid of the Roman Fort.

isk the noise of smashing a lock, the possibility of breaking a weapon used to force a lock, or breaking the contents of a chest.

It is usually considered to be hard to find, but if the Player is strong enough to enter the Roman Fort, it should be no problem to find one, seeing as how the Romans have a high chance of dropping the Key. 

A single key is not worth a lot. Only around 5 coins each. 

TIP:  Immutable weapons can be broken if used to force a lock.  

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