Shocking sphere
Shocking sphere
Level 6
DEX 13—14
CON 7—8
CHA 6—7
Armour 13
Resistances sleep
Weaknesses none
Traits deaf
Equipment none
Loot none
Kill XP 193
Depth 900—1200

Found in the mid and lower sections of the dungeon, these crackling violet spheres are able to fly but move very slowly. They have a decent amount of health, and will not explode suicidally like the flaming sphere or freezing sphere. The zapping attack from energy vortexes and shocking spheres have a chance to charge your wands when they hit. Shocking spheres have far less damage output and movement speed than energy vortexes however, and this makes them the better source for renewable wand charges. By luring them to locations that you can maneuver around freely, they can be farmed for an inexhaustible source of charges.


A wand that is equipped is most likely to be charged, but any wand carried and not in a container may also be charged. Each hit from a shocking sphere can typically add 2 to 8 charges to a wand. If a wand is overcharged in this manner it will explode and be lost. Most wands can safely hold 10 charges without incidence.

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