"Shows troy weights of your inventory"  

When used, these will show the weight of items in your inventory. Below gives a general idea of some weights...

Can be bought from the Gnome Jeweller in the Gnome Mines.

Blessed: Shows weight in metric (kilograms)

Uncursed: Shows weight in imperial (pounds)

Cursed: [unknown]

Known WeightsEdit

Item (Weight)
Cornuthaum (10 ounces)
Cloak of Protection (48 ounces)
Black Boots (48 ounces)
Low Boots (48 ounces)
Gauntlets of fumbling/power (40 ounces)
Hand warmers (40 ounces)
Shield of Reflection (8 pound)
Orcish Shield (7 pound)
Small Shield (48 ounces)
Black spectacles (3 ounces)
Jeweller's monocle (3 ounces)
Chest (67 Pound)
388 coins (6 ounces)
Stones / gems (77 grains)
Leather bag (8 ounces)
Sack (10 ounces)
Set of Scales (32 ounces)
Oil Lamp (24 ounces)
Rothe Meat (5 pound)
Apples (5 ounces)
Cob loaves (26 ounces)
pears (5 ounces)
Wedge of Cheese (16 ounces)
Rings (3 ounces)
Amulets (5 ounces)
Potions (16 ounces)
Scrolls (16 ounces)
Spellbooks (7 pounds)
Greatsword (7 pounds)
Axe (32 ounces)
Battle Axe (11 pounds)
Battle Bow/Certus (Bladed Bow) (5 pounds)
Dagger (16 ounces)
Shortsword (32 ounces)
Longbow (32 ounces)
Mace (5 pounds)
Morning Star (8 pounds)
Orcish Dagger (19 ounces)
Orcish Shortsword (40 ounces)
Recurve Bow (27 ounces)
Shortsword (29 ounces)
Spiked Flail (8 pounds)
Staff of Light (5 pounds)
Tin Whistle (8 ounces)
30 wooden arrows (8 pounds)
Wooden Club (5 pounds)
Bit of Hill Giant Innards (21 pounds)
A pair of Speed Boots (48 ounces)
The Amulet of Zaw (5 ounces)
Wands (11 ounces)
An Arrow (3 ounces)
Coin (8 grains)
Green Headband (32 ounces)
Dragon Scale Mail (16 pound)
Any "A shield called [...]" (8 ounces)
Giant Club (94 pounds)
Light Plate Mail (30 pounds)
Lock Pick (386 ounces)
2103 coins (34 ounces)
Golden Key (8 ounces)
War Hammer (11 pounds)
Scale Armor Suit (48 pounds)

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