Scroll of create monster

An unlucky barbarian trapped in his underwear by 11 creatures ( a rothé, a hill orc, a floating eye, a garter snake, a kobold, two giant ants, a lichen, a goblin and a green mold) that appeared using a scroll of create monster.

Reading this scroll will spawn one or more random Monster(s) in close proximity to the player.


The level of monsters summoned seems to be dependent on the depth and/or level of the summoner. (some testing done, more testing needed)


White WitchHuntsman, Huntress, Vandal and Barbarian characters can learn the Beast Mastery talent that allows all summoned monsters to have a chance of being tame, up to a 100% chance with the third tier of the talent.

Summoning a creature can be used as a means of attempting to generate food loot in times of desperation by reading the scroll, killing the creature, and hoping it drops a food item.

A word to the wise Edit

Using cursed scrolls of create monster will create around 9-14 monsters that spawn all around the player. In the case that you do beat all the monsters, or the monsters appear to be harmless goo and lichens, you can get LOTS of food, equipment, weapon exp, and most importantly, character exp. Lots of levels! But if you are caught in a vulnerable position, no armor, no weapons, or just a really bad day where you had to fight 11 dust clouds and 2 ogres, then you will die. Unless you are on level 30 and haven't got nightmare mode yet. So don't just go on a mad scroll spree! You might stumble across a cursed scroll of light, which are very often found and very annoying, but doesn't threaten your life.


Uncursed scrolls will create a random monster.


Blessed scrolls let you choose what monster to summon. As with wishes, you can choose up to three creatures. This does not necessarily create tamed or mesmerized creatures, unless you have Beast Mastery.

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