A scroll of taming when read allows the player to make a hostile creature mesmerized (temporary, duration based on Charisma) or even into a pet (permanent, unless starved) who then will behave like any other starting pet.

Some specific creatures may only be mollified by this effect, merchants and the Roman guards particularly. Others are outright immune and will remain actively hostile regardless of your charisma or number of attempts. Certain creatures may simply resist the spell/scroll if they have a naturally high Magic Resistance (MR), dwarfs for example, but this does not mean they are completely immune.

Keep in mind the effect is not targeted, so if seeking to tame a certain creature in particular, it is most efficient to isolate them from other monsters, even when using a blessed scroll - though blessed ones can affect multiple monsters it may not choose the one you wanted. Also keep in mind that when using one of these scrolls to make a particular monster your pet - depending on the status of the scroll, your Charisma status, and the type of monster, mesmerized may be by far the most likely (or even possible) outcome, and that certain creatures such as Balrogs and vortexs cannot be fed (excluding potions, which do not convert them into pets anyways), meaning that it is generally not recommended in the long run to use a scroll of taming on them outside of an emergency.



Read an uncursed scroll of taming to turn a nearby creature into a pet or mesmerize them.


A blessed scroll of taming will turn multiple nearby creatures into pets or mesmerize multiple creatures.


Reading cursed scrolls of taming will make pets, mesmerized creatures, and vendors hostile. For vendors, you are forced to pay an amount of gold.

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