Select an item to see if it is blessed or cursed, how many charges it may have, its enchantment level, etc. Selected items remain identified until the end of the game, and future items of that type will have their names changed to the identified name.



Read to obtain knowledge of 1 to 3 items from your inventory


A blessed scroll of identify will allow you to obtain knowledge about more than one item, sometimes as many as five items and with a chance to identify ALL carried items.


A cursed scroll of identify will allow you to obtain knowledge of a single item. Identifying a cursed item typically shortens the number of uses a scroll of identify will give you.


Reading a scroll of identify while confused will have the effect of reading a scroll of magic mapping instead of the expected result.


IMG 2600

Finding a ultimate scroll of identify can turn around the most desperate situation!

  • The 'identify all' chance of blessed scrolls of identify is extremely useful and as such it is best to bless any identify scrolls before reading.
  • Items in containers cannot be identified until removed from the container. Be sure that any item you want to identify is removed from a container before reading. When reading a blessed scroll of identify ensure ALL unidentified items carried are not in a container.


  • Scrolls of Identify are the cheapest scroll in the game, and this can be used to determine if an unknown scroll is a Scroll of Identify with the help of a shopkeeper by checking the buy/sell prices of unknown scrolls. For a character with average charisma the scroll will sell for around 24-28 gold, and be bought from the player for around half the same price.
  • Scrolls of Identify often generate more frequently than other scroll types (which may be in part due to drop rate/tables from early monsters). The more scrolls collected, the greater the chance that the highest stack of scrolls carried (or tied for highest stack carried) will be Scrolls of Identify.
  • Caution! The above tip, while useful, is just a general guide based on averages and should be treated as an educated guess at best.

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