A Bad Score

Not a good score.

Score is a numerical value that increases as you accomplish various things.  At the conclusion of a game, you are told your total score for ego and bragging purposes.  The precise mechanics of scoring are not currently known, though experience and loot seem to be the primary factors.

High scores may be viewed at the main Wazhack site.

Methods of scoringEdit

Some things that appear to contribute to score are:

  • Discoveries (identifying a type of item): 10 pts.
  • Value of possessions (various)
  • Leveling up: 1000 pts.
  • Claiming the Gnomish Mines or Fort Ludios: 3000 pts.
  • Winning: 10000 pts.

Some peculiarities exist for scoring characters with very few points (the most convenient way to test how much things are worth).  Specifically, though all characters start with equipment which should be worth points, immediately quitting after starting a new game will award zero points.  It currently appears that the point baseline ("zero") is actually set to be the value of your starting equipment, and if your totals below the baseline are displayed as zero (as opposed to negative numbers).  This should only be relevant to players trying to discover the remaining sources of points. Not all scoring methods have been identified; a small but non-negligible proportion of points gained still have no known source (that, or the values stated above need modification).  Some things that do not appear to directly increase your score include:

  • Kills
  • Kills made by a pet
  • Learning spells
  • Determining an item's dweomer
  • Killing shopkeepers
  • Increasing maximum health or mana
  • Extrinsics

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