The entrance to the roman fort where the player will be warned not to proceed

The Roman Fort or Fort Ludios is found in the lower parts of the dungeon off to the right side of the map, in a similar fashion to the Gnome Mines. It is however a much harder feature of the dungeon to conquer. There are guards at the entrance who warn the player to stay out because of the current 'emergency'. If the player persists and walks past the guards or tries to interact with them, they usually become hostile.

The fort is populated by various monsters and a large number of Roman guards who are fighting the monsters. Both the monsters and the guards will become hostile to the player if he is close enough to them or if they are not engaged in any other combat. Furthermore, there is a variety to the scenario where all the Romans are confused (likely drunk) so the player may just wait out and observe most battles. This applies to the initial two guards as well.

At the very top of the Fort, the Player will encounter Bacchus (in a non-teleport area), who can be killed for the Green Headband and the unique staff Thyrsus (Pinestaff). The Headband is of huge size and can therefore not be worn, but a clothier can change the size or the item can be wished for in a smaller size. At his feet, some wine potions can be found.

When entering the non-teleport area where Bacchus resides, the player takes damage. Although this is likely proportional to the current amount of HP as with other random damage effects, be sure to rest up beforehand.

After defeating Bacchus, the player may claim his throne, putting Fort Ludios under his control. This will deactivate the damage-dealing effect on the throne room's entrance, pacify the Romans and contribute to the final score.


When entering the Fort, the player may read some graffiti stating "Romani Ite Domum", meaning "Romans Go Home", which is a reference to the Monty Python movie "Life of Brian". In the scene, Brian misspells the Latin phrase (Romanes eunt domus) and is corrected by a Centurion.

Bacchus is the God of grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and religious ecstasy in Greek mythology. The name is a roman adaptation of the original name Dionysus.

Romani ite domum

"Romans Go Home"

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