A priest in his room. The Ankh icon that denotes his room can be seen on the minimap.

The priest is a brown robed NPC that can be found in random locations throughout the dungeon. His room appears as a church with rows of pews, and he will be standing at the front at the pulpit. He will appear as an ankh icon on the map and minimap.


Prices vary based on the charisma stat and commerce skill:

  • B/U/C Identify (free) - standing near a priest will reveal the B/U/C status of all items the character is carrying.
  • Blessing (90-125 coins per item) - cursed items will become uncursed, uncursed items will become blessed.
  • Prayer of Protection (400-600 coins) - casts a spell of protection on the character adding +3 to AC. This effect is temporary however it seems to last quite a long number of turns. Paying for this service while already protected will increase the duration of the spell.
  • Holy Book - The priest has a holy book on his altar that when read gives you the choice of having a different deity (e.g. a Wizard reading the book may be given the option to worship the Norse Gods).
    • Picking up the book and reading it will incur a "library fee". The amount of the fee varies, possibly based on your charisma stat, with 16 charisma on a level 9 Vandall it was 742 gold. If you do not, or cannot pay this, then the friar will turn hostile and attack you.

Need to find out what affects the price of reading the holy book. One vendor who goes hostile affects does not effect all vendors of that type.