Items may be identified by their sales price at a shopkeeper. This is especially helpful for scrolls, like Identify, and Enchant Weapon, and the potions Gain Level and Gain Ability.

These prices are for a charisma of 10. With a charisma of 12, multiply these values by 1.2, with a charisma of 8, multiply by .8, etc.


10z: Identify

25z: Magic Mapping, Light

30z: Enchant Weapon

40z: Enchant Armour, Remove Curse

50z: Destroy Armour, Fire, Teleport, Repair Armour

100z: Create Monster, Changing

150z: Charging, Taming, Conflict


25z: Sickness, Healing, Ink, Wine, Acid, Oil, Fruit Juice, Booze, See Invisible

50z: Extra Healing, Confusion, Restore Ability, Hallucenation, Blindness

75z: Mana, Monster Detection, Object Detection, Concentration, Invisibility, Sleeping, Choking

100z: Speed, Levitation, Enlightenment, Polymorph, Fireproofing, Paralysis, Full Healing, Blindness, Gain Ability, Ludicrous Speed

150z: Gain Level

WazHack Screenshot 51b

The 2 black potions on the top of the list are oil, the bottom black potion is ink. Oil weighs more than water.

Note: Black potions and purple-red potions could be oil or ink or could be wine respectively. Because potions of the same color stack, the shopkeeper will buy them from you for the price of the first potion you picked up. To get around this, and learn the actual price for your potions, drop them all and bring them to the counter one at a time.  

Also, click on the potion in your inventory and choose "knowledge". If it lets you record your knowledge of the potion, it will not be ink, oil or wine. 

You can tell potions of oil from potions of ink by first using the inventory command knowledge on all your black potions (if it records knowledge it is not ink or oil) then selecting drop, then sort by weight. 

You can tell fire scrolls from other scrolls by first price identifying your 50z scrolls, and then throwing them at enemies. The fire scroll will burn them for a hitpoint or two, will not be used up, and will be identified. This can be used to completely destroy water elementals in one throw. 


50z: Hunger

63z: -1 Stat

75z: Levitation, See Invisible, Regeneration, Invisibility

100z: Fire Resistance

125z: +1 Stat

150z: Teleport, Telport Control, Polymorph, Polymorph Control


50z: Dwomery, ESP, Unchanging, Restful Sleep, Strangulation

150z: Magical Breathing, Reflection, Life Saving, Slow Digestion

Weapons and ArmourEdit

If a weapon or armour is negatively enchanted, he will offer you less for the item that he normally would with that weapon or armour. It is unknown how this works with stacks of items.

Prices based on CharismaEdit

Charisma Prices
1 13/26/39/53/79
2 14/28/42/56/83
3 15/29/44/59/88
4 16/31/47/63/94
5 17/33/50/67/100
6 18/36/54/71/107
7 19/38/58/77/115
8 20/40/60/80/125
9 23/45/68/90/136
10 25/50/75/100/150
11 28/55/83/110/165
12 30/60/90/120/180
13 33/65/98/130/195
14 35/70/105/140/210
15 38/75/113/150/225
16 40/80/120/160/240
17 43/85/128/170/255
18 45/90/135/180/270

Interestingly, even with a 22 charisma, the prices for an 18 charisma are still in effect.