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Name Price
Potion of Acid 50
Potion of Blindness 150
Potion of Booze 50
Potion of Concentration 150
Potion of Confusion 100
Potion of Choking 150
Potion of Enlightenment 200
Potion of Extra Healing 100
Potion of Fireproofing 200
Potion of Fruit Juice 50
Potion of Full Healing 200
Potion of Gain Ability 300
Potion of Gain Level 300
Potion of Hallucination 100
Potion of Healing 50
Potion of Ink 50
Potion of Invisibility 50
Potion of Levitation 200
Potion of Ludicrous Speed 300
Potion of Magical Energy
Potion of Mana 150
Potion of Monster Detection 150
Potion of Object Detection 150
Potion of Oil 50
Potion of Paralysis 200
Potion of Polymorph 200
Potion of Restore Ability 100
Potion of See Invisible 50
Potion of Sickness 50
Potion of Sleeping 100
Potion of Speed 200
Potion of Water 20
Potion of Wine 50


  • Potions of Wine will appear as 'purple-red potion'. There will also be one random purple-red potion.
  • Potions of Ink and Oil will always appear as a 'black potion'. There will also be one random black potion. You can figure out which one this is by: dropping all but one black potion, click Inventory, and click Knowledge on the potion. If it says you can't tell them apart, it is oil or ink. Drop this one and pick another one up. If it lets you name it, it is a random potion. This also works with purple-red potions. See black purple-red potion exploit ,
  • Leprechauns will try to steal gold potions if no other gold items are available on the victim.


Caution! Some monsters, such as the Dust Vortex, have attacks which can destroy potions causing them to shatter and spill on the holder and any nearby creatures. For this reason it is recommended to carry non-emergency potions in a container to protect them from being destroyed in this manner.

This also applies to everything that does cold damage : Ice Vortex, Freezing Sphere, Winter Wolf, Frost stone.

Weapons | Armor | Rings | Amulets | Tools | Potions | Scrolls | Spells | Wands | Classes | Talents | Stats | Creatures | Vendors | Pets

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