Wine appears to be similar or identical to potions of booze, causing confusion and with a chance of restoring a small amount of hit points.

B/U/C EffectsEdit

  • Cursed (Unholy Wine) - Causes confusion, heals 2 health, and gives you the same effect as the amulet of restfull sleep,thus making it dangerous when facing a strong enemy.
  • Uncursed (Plain Wine) - Causes confusion and heals 2 points only.
  • Blessed  (Holy Wine)- Causes confusion and increases max hit points by 4 (v1.3) | 5 (v1.2).


  • Like booze and water, the dweomer terms "blessed" and "cursed" are replaced with "holy" and "unholy" when applied to wine.
  • The dweomer of the potion does not appear to affect the length the confusion lasts.
  • Wine will always be a "Purple-Red Potion."


Wine can be found in the Wine Cellar beneath the Gnomish Mines.


  • Blessing any and all wine found before quaffing is highly recommended for the hit point increase.
  • Raiding the Wine Cellar will yield a large amount of wine, some of which may be blessed.
  • Consuming blessed wine when your HP is full will result in a permanent +5 to HP.  
  • Caution! There is currently a bug (?) where if you increase your max HP to the point where the health bar resches the map in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, the bar will suddenly reduced in size by two thirds. It is not yet known whether this means that the hit points themselves are reduced or that the health bar is merely rescaling to fit in the space. Further testing is required.