A character or creature quaffing a potion of Gain Level will increase in level by one.

B/U/C effectsEdit

  • Blessed — adds 1 to your level and put your experience at the halfway point to your next level.
  • Uncursed — adds 1 to your level and put your experience to the lowest score needed for that level.
  • Cursed — no XP or level gain, but teleports the player one level higher in the dungeon.


  • Through the use of wishes, a multitude of these potions can be gained and quaffed, resulting in higher character levels than would otherwise be feasible, as EXP requirements for leveling up through fighting become almost unreachable at higher levels.
  • Saving these potions for as long as possible for maximum benefit is recommended.
  • Leveling up becomes considerably more difficult after reaching level 10, and waiting until level 10 to start quaffing any of these potions that have been saved is probably long enough.

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