Polypiling is dropping inanimate items and zapping them with a blessed Wand of Polymorph to get constructs. 

3 itemsEdit

It takes at least three items of the same type to start the polypile, but then it goes by weight. I find if you drop wooden shields, then a lot of other stuff, you make lots of Wicker Men. Similarly, if you drop iron items, you get an iron golem. Leather items, leather golem, etc.

Wicker ManEdit

Items that work: Small wooden shields, Red-eye Orc shields, Clubs, wooden arrows (when combined with 2 other items like clubs)
Items that don't work:

Leather GolemEdit

Items that work: Leather suits
Items that don't work: Leather Gloves

Wood GolemEdit

Items that work: Wooden Arrows? (I have only found this works with arrows.) 
Items that don't work: Wooden shields, Clubs

Stone GolemEdit

Items that work: Huge Clubs
Items that don't work: 

Iron GolemEdit

Items that work: Suits of Chainmail, Suits of Ringmail, Plate Armour
Items that don't work: Metal weapons (so far tested), Iron shoes, 3X ring mail suits, 3X chain mail suit

Gold GolemEdit

(It is unknown whether gold items get you a gold golem. If anyone pulls this off, post here about it)

(Managed to get a gold golem with around 10k gold,it forms several piles on dropping so you need to hit all With the spell)

Items that work:
Items that don't work: Crowns (tested with 3), gold coins (tested with a one lump drop of 1,000 coins, tried with 3X piles of gold that added up to 3868)
*On the wall it was written "Only lamp's are made of gold" !

Beast masteryEdit

Beast mastery increases the number of constructs you can make.


  • Only a blessed wand will create friendly constructs. Wands of lesser status or casting the Polymorph spell create hostile constructs.
  • Golems usually carry whatever other items were piled up and zapped at the same time.
  • Golems have a lot of health and don't need to be fed. As noted on the Gold Golem page, they do not heal. They do heal naturally over time if you created the golem (may be a bug)

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