Pies can be bought as a service from bakers. You will need to have an appropriate filling (meat or fruit) to enable the baker to make one. Pies do not rot and are high in calories.

Changing Caloric ValueEdit

All pies appear to start with a caloric value of 1500.

It has been noticed that this value can increase or decrease with time.

In an experiment where pies were made with fresh meat:

  • An acid blob pie can increase to 2300 cal
  • A dwarf pie can increase to 2500 cal
  • A gnome pie can decrease to 1300 cal
  • A large dog pie can decrease to 800 cal
  • A wolf pup pie can decrease to 1100 cal
  • A hill giant pie can increase to 14000 cal
  • Contributors: Add more as you find them

If anybody can see a rule like 'blobs move to 10x their value, dwarves to 2x their value, dogs to their value' -- if there is a rule it will be a messy one like this -- do speak up, please.

You cannot choke on a pie unless you are already full, so make sure you are hungry before eating large pies.

If you have a pie which has grown over time, then create a second pie from the same creature type, both pies will be set at their initial value of 1500cal. With time, both will grow again. In effect, this means each new pie made from the same creature type will always revert any previously held pies to their starting value of 1500cal.

Eating a pie of 2500cal from a hungry state will leave you in the 'your stomach feels like it is about to explode' state of nutrition forever, and you will no longer be able to eat food or potions.