Level 5
STR 13
DEX 11
CON 11
CHA 11
Armour 10
Resistances  ?
Weaknesses Sleep, Electricity, Canceling
Equipment N/A
Loot Phoenix Feather
Kill XP 141

The phoenix is a unique creature in the dungeon. It is immune to fire and causes fire damage in addition it its normal attack. It explodes in a similar fashion to the flaming sphere when defeated. The phoenix has a good change of dropping a Phoenix Feather, which can be used to write scrolls. With a blessed phoenix quill, almost all the scrolls you write will become blessed.


As a rule of thumb, fireproof your gear, and it is best to have a ring of fire resistance. Due to the fire damage, some items in your inventory can burn and take fire damage and potions will boil and explode. It is recommended to put some of the flammable stuff in a bag and drop it before the fight.

Its fire damage can be ignored, however, under the following conditions:

  • The Phoenix is cancelled. This effect will temporarily remove the Phoenix's ability to add fire damage to its attacks. Rendered thusly, the message, "The Phoenix seems impotent" will display when it attacks, indicating that it attempted to apply fire damage but lacked the ability.
  • You have Fire Resistance. There are multiple means of acquiring this ability; eating red mold corpses until you get the message you feel a momentary chill; wearing a Ring of Fire Resistance, or drinking a Potion of Fireproofing.

Importantly, the only method which provides total safety from its attacks to your gear is to cancel the Phoenix; in every other method, you will be protected from hitpoint damage, but your inventory may still be burnt.

The Phoenix cannot open doors, and they thus act as an effective barrier if closed. It is also susceptible to damage from Power Stones, and can be rendered unconscious by a Sleep spell/potion. Therefore, knock The Phoenix out with Sleep, and then throw a Power Stone underneath it. Attempt to position yourself on the other side of a door -- this way, you can Sleep the creature, toss the Stone, shut the door, and be safely out of harm's way while it is electrocuted to death.



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