The Norse Gods are a belief system available to the Vandal, Barbarian and Valkyrie. Its malus is slowing the player down 5%.

Selecting this power from the menu will allow you to ask the various norse gods for assistance. Alignment dictates which Gods are available and their willingness to help.

All alignments have Freya (gives inspiration, increasing damage), Thor (smites your enemies) and Eir (heals).

Chaotic: All gods will require you to wait before you may ask their assistance. The menu will say: "x will x you... later". This means that you must wait. If you ask assistance at the wrong time, the gods will punish you, usually by dealing damage. They will also sometimes punish you even if you ask at the right time.

The fourth god for chaotic is Loki, offering trickiness, which puts down a trap. (actual effect unconfirmed.)

Neutral: The Fourth God for Neutral is Tyr. When asked for assistance he will spawn a pet monstrous wolf named Fenrir. Fenrir is very large ( much bigger than the character ), wears a cursed astral collar, has very high stats, and functions like the starting pet dog, even detecting cursed items. If Tyr is angry, he will spawn Fenrir without the astral collar which makes Fenrir angry and attack you. Fenrir does get hungry. Fenrir does NOT regenerate, and when he dies, he disappears along with anything he was carrying.

Lawful: The fourth god for Lawful is Odin. If you ask for his assistance, he will give you the godly ability to cast fireball with 100% chance for a short time. However, it requires a fair bit of mana, so you may still not be able to cast it if low INT and WIS result in a low mana pool.

Evil: Gives you a fifth goddess called Skaði who will enchant your weapon when happy.

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