• Level 1 - You can make healing potions from red mushrooms.
  • Level 2 - You can also make mana, restore ability, and confusion potions from mushrooms.
  • Level 3 - You can also make extra healing, ink, and paralysis potions from mushrooms.
  • At each level, the potions in your inventory that you are now able to make will automatically be identified (e.g., at level 1, healing potions are identified in your inventory, even if they previously were not).



Mushrooms are pretty rare in the dungeon, so the effectiveness of this talent can be pretty random.


Level Potion Red mushroom Blue mushroom
1 Potion of Healing 2
2 Potion of Mana 2
2 Potion of Restore Ability 2 2
2 Potion of Confusion 1 1
3 Potion of Extra Healing 3 1
3 Potion of Ink 3 3
3 Potion of Paralysis 1 4
3 Potion of Polymorph 2 2

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