Level 9
STR 10
DEX 18
CON 11
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 10
Armour 7
Resistances Magic
Equipment Blue Robe
Loot bit of mind flayer innards
Kill XP  ?
Depth 1200


Mindflayers are a deadly late game enemy found in the deeper levels of the dungeon. They are quite resistant to magic.

Special AttacksEdit

Brainsuck - Targets the victims head and reduces the victims Intelligence stat. If the victim is wearing headgear the attack will instead remove the headgear. A character losing all of their Intelligence will die of brainlessness.


Wearing a hard (metal) helmet will protect against the brainsuck attack; the Mindflayer will need to first remove the headgear before being able to attack the head directly.

Wearing a greased helmet adds further protection versus the brainsuck attack by adding additional chances to prevent the Mindflayer from removing the characters helmet.

For more information on recovering lost stats, see the article of the same name.

The bit of mind flayer innards are a very desirable drop for spellcasting classes as consuming them may increase the Intelligence or Wisdom stats.

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