Bread is a food item, baked and sold by Baker merchants. All types of bread are worth 20-24c (Lvl 3 Commerce).


  • Bloomer loaf (cal count info needed)
  • Baguette (400 calories)
  • Ring loaf (450 calories)
  • Cob loaf (500 calories)
  • Cottage loaf (600 calories)


  • Bread can rot overtime, but much slower than meat and fruits.
  • Other than having different names, there is no discernible difference between the different types of bread. Identifying them purposely is therefore not recommended.
  • For a similar cost, it makes sense to buy bread with the highest calorie value.
  • Revive your bread by selling it to a shop vendor, not a Baker. You will have to buy it back at its regular price, but it will be fresh.

Tips Edit

  • [as of v1.3] Bread can be polymorphed to and from equipment! This can be very useful with the Polymorph spell (or wand, to a lesser degree). Each type of bread will consistently change into a different category of equipment, as follows:
Bread type Equipment type
Bloomer loaf Boots
Baguette Weapon
Ring loaf Ring
Cob loaf Shield
Cottage loaf  Headgear