Level 2 Light Spell

This spell can target Enemies, Vendors (Be careful!), and Pets (yes, be careful!). This spell can initially hit a single target with a bolt of lightning in the chosen direction. For every skill level in Light Magic, this spell will chain to another target. This spell does about 7-18 damage to each target it hits, depending on your skills.

Spell FormsEdit


  • Direct or Chained bolts of lightning will never harm the caster
  • This spell can become the death of any pet the spellcaster has. The chained bolts will strike the next nearest creature, so if fired judiciously, and with a low Light skill level, you can avoid zapping your pet.
  • This spell is amazing for zapping creatures around corners, on ladders, and most importantly: through doors.
  • Combined with ESP / Monster Detection ability, you can detect and kill monsters without even seeing them.
  • This works particularly well in the Wine Cellar part of the Gnome Mines if you have a lot of mana.


Zapping another wand with lightning can add charges to the wand. See Wands for more info.

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