Level 1 Light spell.

This spell targets yourself.  This spell enables you to hover above the ground and move about as if you were flying.  When the effect is gained by casting the spell on yourself or from a Potion of Levitation, it lasts for about a minute and can be cancelled by clicking on the ground to stop flying.  If you gained the effect from a Ring of Levitation or boots of levitation  the effect lasts forever, but it will be cancelled once the item is removed.

Sources Edit

Strategy Edit

  • This can be used to hover out of Enemies attack range. As soon as a monster realizes that it cannot hit you, it will usually flee however.
  • Some monsters will throw their weapon at you, or find weapons on the ground and throw those at you.
  • Magic Regeneration is greatly reduced while you are levitating.
  • You will be unable to loot while you are levitating, unless you are near a ladder and can get at the item that way ur unless you have a pet and get it to "fetch" and then "take" the loot from your companion.
  • You can ignore burden status and move without slowing (Tested, but not sure about 5 overload)

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