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Larceny is a talent introduced in the WazHack Beta. There are two methods of activating it. The first method is available at all levels of larceny and functions the same way a spell is cast. It can then be targeted similar to clean the clean wounds spell. A successful outcome allows one to see items in the targets inventory that may be stolen. This includes wielded weapons and headgear, but not armor or robes.

Level 1 larceny is sufficient to fully clean out a shop. First, check to be sure you have at least 100 gold; 400 gold is preferred. Steal the shopkeeper's weapon and then it's wand. Then steal the shopkeeper's gold. Using the gold, buy items from the shop. Steal the gold from the shopkeeper's inventory again. Rinse and repeat as necessary. If the shopkeeper catches your hand in it's pocket, chat with it. You will be given the option to pay the shopkeeper for it's trouble. After paying, use larceny again to steal that gold back and carry on as before. This approach may be used in a temple for unlimited blessings and protection.

The third level of larceny introduces a new method of activation. When a character picks up an item owned by a shop, that item is flagged as stolen in the character's inventory. When walking away from a shop with a stolen item, the shopkeeper gets angry. If the rogue or thief has larceny 3, there is a chance that the shopkeeper doesn't notice and the 'stolen' flag is removed from those items in inventory. The chance of success is likely checked for each item being stolen and seems to be the probability indicated when "casting" larceny. Stealing more than one item at a time drastically increases the chance that the shopkeeper notices. If the shopkeeper does notice, you have the option of returning the stolen items. Presumably this method works if one tries to steal a temple's holy book.

In the gnomish mines, the gnomish digger and gnomish woodcutter may be targeted in order to get and then equip an auger or giant axe. This may be a bug.


  1. You can steal from creatures who have not noticed you, with a 25% chance of success.
  2. You can steal from creatures who have not noticed you. Success depends on DEX.
  3. You can also steal from shops, with the chance of success depending on your DEX and CHA.


Classes with this talent are:

  • Rogue
  • Thief

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