Lamps are a tool used to illuminate dark areas of the dungeon. Carrying a lit lamp will illuminate normally dark rooms and passageways. A lamp that is lit will stay lit until it is extinguished, runs out of oil, is dropped, or is stolen. Lamps may be (re)filled using a potion of oil.

B/U/C EffectsEdit

  • Blessed - When lit, a blessed lamp will only consume oil when illuminating dark areas. If the text below the lamp states that [the oil seems to last forever], Rubbing will release a friendly Djinni who may grant the character a wish.
  • Uncursed - When lit, an uncursed lamp will consume oil for every turn it is lit. Rubbing an uncursed lamp with never-ending oil will release a Djinni that has a chance of either granting a wish, thanking you without granting a wish, or becoming becoming angry and attacking (Djinni are very strong enemies).
  • Cursed - When lit, a cursed lamp will consume oil for every turn it is lit at a fast rate. Rubbing a cursed lamp with never-ending oil is guaranteed to release a hostile Djinni.


  • Rubbing a lamp may cause oil to spill out (causing the character to drop an equipped weapon), which can be helpful if you have equiped a cursed weapon (The cursed weapon will still slip from your grasp) or summon a Djinni, who will react differently depending on if the lamp is blessed, cursed or uncursed.
  • Once the dweomer of the item is known a subscript note will appear beneath it noting the amount of oil remaining in minutes of burn time.
  • Lighting an identified lamp will occasionally will produce the message "The oil seems to last a long time" in which case this lamp contains a Djinni.
  • Leprechauns will extinguish and steal lamps from characters carrying no visible coins.


  • When trying to summon a Djinni to receive a wish, determine if the lamp is blessed before rubbing.
  • A lamp is of medium weight and carrying several of them isn't really required. 
  • Typically a single blessed lamp can last an entire game.

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