Kobold Shaman
Kobold shaman
Level 2
STR 10
DEX 11
CON 10
INT 14
Armour 7
Resistances none
Equipment mace, wands, scrolls
Loot apple, bit of kobold shaman innards
Kill XP 7
Depth 300—1300

The kobold shaman is a creature encountered in the early levels of the dungeon. They can cast Psi bolt to damage the player from range.


Polymorphing into a Kobold Shaman will grant the creature or character knowledge of the Psi Bolt spell. Knowledge of this spell will remain even after changing forms.


Sometimes a Small Door is the entrance to a Lair of Kobold Shamans. They content 3 waves of 4 shamans and wield spellbooks, scrolls, wands, Weapons as a reward.

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