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Knight (iOS)
Level 1
STR 12—18
DEX 8—13
CON 11—13
INT 5—9
WIS 7—11
CHA 16—18
Armour 6
Resistances None
Equipment Shortsword, Suit of Ringmail+1, Black Boots +1.

The Knight is a fighting based class that excels in fighting with swords (or any other weapon for that matter). Knights are the recomended first class for beginners, seeing as they're a somewhat straightforward class to play (want to kill an enemy? Cut him to ribbons!). Knights are the male counterpart to the Valkyrie.


Possible Alignments:

  • Lawful Good
  • Chaotic Good
  • Neutral

Available Talents:

Starting Skills:

  • Swords: 1 point
  • Greatswords: 1 point
  • Backswords: 1 point

Starting Pets: Dalmatian Puppy

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