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Hungry Conduct is beating the game without eating food.

It can be done with any class by finding polymorph control or a wish before you are dead from hunger. Then polymorph yourself into an undead who do not need to eat.


The easy way to do hungry conduct is:

  • Get to second level with a druidess and take the Animal Forms talent. 
  • Turn into a giant ant and get to level nine.
  • Turn back into a druidess, and you should be seventh level. Take three tiers of the Animal forms.
  • Zap yourself with your wand, and polymorph into something undead. Most undead, you will return to human form without an amulet of unchanging or they require you to re-zap every few minutes. But skeletons are forever.


It is possible to beat the game without eating, with a sorcerer, (and it was your only option until the new classes in version 1.2.) Start scum up a Sorcerer with a polymorph potion. About one out of a hundred times, you will polymorph into a mummy when you drink this potion.

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