Hunger is a game mechanism in Wazhack. As in-game time passes, the player's hunger level increases. Eating food causes hunger levels to decrease. The levels of hunger (least hungry to most hungry) are:

  • Oversatiated - dark green icon (ready to explode)
  • Satiated - light green icon (full)
  • None - no icon
  • Hungry - light red icon
  • Starving - dark red icon (weak with hunger)

It is worth noting that eating any food while satiated or oversatiated bears the risk of choking.

If you do not eat while you are starving, it is likely you could die


Wearing an Amulet of Slow Digestion will slow hunger level increase speed considerably.

If a character is starving and has no other options, quaffing unidentified potions in the hope of consuming a potion of fruit juice to satisfy hunger may save his/her life.

Tips on making the most out of food may be found in its article.

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