Red dragon

SPOILER : Huge red dragon awake.

Red dragon sleeping

The red dragon taking a nap.

Trivia :Edit

The huge red dragon is one of the four dragon variations that can be found as the dungeon boss at 3000 feet. The dragon usually attacks by spitting fire,thus having fire protection is recommended.The beast may attack by biting,too.

Strategies :Edit

- Throw multiple (charged) power stones at the dragon. Since the dragon remains stationary,this shouldn't be a problem.

- Try attacking by melee if there aren't any power stones in your possesion. (not recommended,since the dragon will deal a huge amount of damage)

- Using a bow can let you stand well out of range and if combined with fire resistance, you will not take a single hit. 

- Invisibility helps a lot too - especially when enganging in dinstant combat, as it will then be harder for the dragon to hit and since it hits so rarely, it makes the effect that much better. 

Notes :Edit

-Clear the dragon chamber of all (powerful) enemies before attempting to defeat the dragon.You won't be able to teleport out when you're in trouble,since the chamber has the same anti-magic field as the gnome king room.

-Don't forget picking up the amulet of Zaw !

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